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turning 18 in a few weeks ahhh! 🎉

turning 18 in a few weeks ahhh! 🎉

just for the sake of updating.. This account is so dead :( huhu

First attempt on wicked oreos! How was your Christmas guys? 

Hi, I’m still alive. Let me leave this red velvet here first 

092812: Infinitea

Had a quick meet up with Trish and Ry before watching Perks of being a wallflower with Dianne  Okay, Logan Lerman was so cute in perks!! it was great, must watch

missed you all! let’s do this agaaain

  • Dianne with her 50 shades of brown hair color (hehe my forever mirror buddy)
  • cousins & nephews at the wedding reception
  • sweets! sweets! sweeeets!!
  • & our new babyyy x

Instagram: ariannedc

wooh! shameless plugging ohh


The most awaited part in every wedding celebrations, the reception ♥ Haha This one’s from our cousin’s wedding reception held at the Palms Country Club last Saturday. Their appetizers, main course and patries were delish! I surely spent another day with good food & good company 

This is my first update after first term. Second term is actually going pretty well with all the activities, new profs, and my blockmates. (hoping for less sleepless nights though) But gladly my wish came true, I qualified for 1st honor DL for the first term! I am beyond grateful & I’m hoping for this to continue. 

New in: A binder from Filed (got it from my sister yay). I also got myself a copy of the latest candy mag issue, but sadly I won’t be able to attend the candy fair tomorrow as well as the UAAP Cheerdance competition for one class. Huhu

screenshots x

Exams are over & we finally ended our first term last wednesday. I have been receiving good grades so far but I’m still waiting for them to post our final average. I got really scared for Algebra since I was really having a hard time, but thankfully I passed it!! All the hard work has paid off & now I’m still in the run for Dean’s List. Ahh wish me luck! Okay, so some of our profs were kind enough not to let us take their final exam, but instead they asked us to have a final project. We had a documentary for Anthropology, an aerobics block video for Fitwell, a trailer for Crithin and another video for Psychology (feeling ko tuloy naging commarts yung course ko haha).

Crithin: Trailer - our own version of ‘Mean Girls’ Haha! 

Psychology: psychological disorder vid

Marcus: “kailangan talaga by height?” Hahahaha

MOA Arena

Started our September with another unplanned day. Last week I invited some of my friends for this event entitled “Teen Assembly” which featured different performances coming from different schools and bands. My brother had extra tickets, so I tried to contact them. I messaged them the night before and at first I thought it would not push through since I informed them late already. But look, they did make it! Yay for biglaan plans haha! 

"May wifi ba?" 

The Philippine futsal team.

UPHSD Altas Pep squad, NU pep squad and the Company of Ateneo Dancers 

SM Men’s Fashion show. (Ohh nothing’s going on here..)

and La Salle representatives yaay ANIMOOOOOO!

ending this long post with a decent photo of us HAHAHA

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